Bantam sends money to suppliers on accelerated terms which keeps payments flowing to bottle collectors on a daily basis providing a type of micro-finance to the recycling community. This needed financial support would otherwise be unavailable or impossible to sustain over the long term for our partners within their own countries.

To the bottle collector this means a consistent and reliable option to earn money in places where there are little or no social benefit safety nets to keep families fed and safe. In some cases these collection activities lead to social mobility through small business built on bottle collection.

To the factory owner this means avoiding predatory lending practices in developing countries where even standard loans can be charged at 20-40% interest or more.

As a result collectors are continuously earning income and plastic is continuously being prevented from entering the ocean, cluttering beaches and streets.

This creates a three-pronged result:


Reducing the plastic that reaches our oceans and environment.


Providing a reliable income option for people in poor communities.


Meeting industry quality needs in ongoing high volumes.