Government Sustainability Consulting

Bantam are APR members in the US and have chaired the ICIS European RPET recycling conference in 2017 and are sustainability contributors in 2019.

We have been asked to provide multiple RPET presentations and also consult on regulatory and sustainability matters. We are regularly engaging with government ministers and industry decision makers to discuss real world recycling topics and how to affect genuine change in an industry that is still relatively new.

Mixed recycling bales (curb-side collection)

This is a mixed recycling bale which is made of curb side collection bottles. Although curbside collection programs can provide convenience, they also provide a bale which is at a higher risk of contamination and will cause problems in production.

Deposit system

By having an efficient deposit system in place, a country or region can sort and separate the raw materials and avoid contamination. The deposit system incentivises recycling behaviour within the community by providing financial rewards for bottle collection and sortation.

Structured informal collection

With the right structures in place to aggregate and collect bottles, market-based financial incentives encourage value-added quality controls in the collection systems which can result in a uniquely high quality raw material product. In some countries, bottle collectors are even organising into groups of micro-entrepreneurs.

Be first. Take real responsibility that actually works.

Clean your beaches and provide income options to people in poorer populations without using tax payer money.

Studies are clear that mixed recycling systems do not work, and deposit systems or structured informal collection systems do. Ultimately these successful systems will spread from country to country.

There are a multitude of benefits of working with high quality bottle feedstock and governments must take action to nurture their collections systems. With our help, they can support the clean up of their cities and beaches while providing a financial safety net for their citizens that does not create a tax burden or penalise private bottling companies.

Bantam has developed a highly effective PET bottle deposit system, tailored for informal recycling economies, based on the study of comparative models and experiences in various developing countries.

Grass Roots Policy Initiatives

Bantam has developed a cashflow funding programme for grassroots bottle collection efforts.
First buyer of recycled PET from multiple countries to help get bottle recycling off the ground.
Introduced RPET to new regions, providing the first ever RPET flake deliveries to the country.
Bantam has drafted a bottle deposit scheme built from comparative analysis of recycling systems in our geographies.
Bantam has engaged with multiple governments to present the deposit concept and discuss solutions for real world recycling problems.