Corporate Sustainability Consulting

Our Views On Sustainability

Sustainability is often defined as a balance of the three E’s: the environment, the economy, and social equity.

We understand that sustainability includes multiple aspects of performance, and must include the entire life of a product, not just a single element. This is why we take great consideration into the regions we work with, with a view to making an impact on the environment, the economy and social equity.

We work closely with communities who need financial incentives, and this benefits the streets and beaches of countries that do not have sufficient government directives to tackle waste problems as well as the families of those who respond to these incentives.

Bantam has met with various government ministers and industry leaders regarding national recycling policies and provides a unique perspective of comparative models of recycling in Bantams’ key supply areas.

We are very proud of the support we have provided recyclers and bottle collectors during both market downturns and recovery, and now, we look forward to facilitating the conversation further to make sure the impact of what we do drives better consumer habits.

We work with many corporate customers and are happy to provide support when reviewing sustainability. We can also help to provide customers with valuable information about sustainable supply chain sourcing with the ability of going so far as supporting them through the audit process in developing countries.