Our solutions can help you achieve packaging made from 100% sustainably recycled RPET

To serve our customers properly we know to provide:

Robust end-to-end traceability and regulatory documentation for each individual product supplied

Continuous audits and coaching to our suppliers to meet standards across Europe / North America for both quality and packaging.

Standardised quality control checks at origin before material loads, ensuring compliance with the application requirements.

Local warehousing in key geographic markets allowing us to offer ‘just in time’ delivery to serve our customers.





What Regions Do We Work With?

Bantam works with developing countries across the globe, investing millions of dollars in multiple supply sites across Central America, Caribbean, South America, Europe, South Pacific, the Middle East and North Africa.

We sell into developed economies including Europe, UK, North America and Australasia. We focus on applying European / North American standards of production in addition to achieving regulatory standards such as REACH, EFSA, & FDA which instils confidence from customers to buy from Bantam sustainably in high volume over the long term.