Sustainable, long term RPET solutions that work in high volumes in your production

REACH-registered, full service distributor of recycled bottle materials from countries at risk for ocean bound plastic

Our new Certified Prevented Ocean Plastic product line.

Since 2005, Bantam has paid for the recycling of over

10 billion bottles

preventing plastic from reaching the oceans and the environment.

At Bantam, we send over

$100,000 a day

to bottle collection and recycling infrastructure in developing communities.

We believe in:


Reducing the plastic that reaches our oceans and environment.


Providing a reliable income option for people in poor communities.


Meeting industry quality standards in continuous high volumes.

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Plastic waste trail carrying on for miles through the Caribbean sea
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Bantam is a for profit business that is aligned with the real world needs of the plastic bottle recycling industry

We believe sustainability and profitability can co-exist for the benefit of all stakeholders.

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